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Memories only your siblings shared with you

Mine is over, let me have yours Those days when mom got two muffins each for both of you and you finished yours first, but hers was still left. You ask for a small bite from her muffin too with a puppy face and she shares it with you even if she is reluctant to […]

2017 Health Resolutions

Choose Your Breakfast Wisely Never skip another breakfast Breakfast, we all know, is the most important meal of the day. But it’s one meal we’re most likely to miss. Going to bed early the previous night is the biggest step one could take to avoid skipping a satisfying breakfast. A good breakfast ensures productivity for […]

9 Last Minute DIY Christmas Gifting Ideas

Gifts become more special when they’re customized. This Christmas, let’s plan something new. Let’s create our gifts instead of mindlessly buying them from gift stores. DIY gifts speak out your heart, express how much you’ve thought about your gift, and that you care deeply about the person you’re gifting it. Here are some crazy DIY […]