Spreading joy, one dessert at a time. At KS Bakers, we envision a world where every celebration is infused with happiness, where each dessert we craft becomes a sweet symphony of joy.
At KS Bakers, we’re on a mission to create happiness through our delicious desserts. Crafting with care and quality ingredients, we aim to make every bite a moment to cherish. From birthdays to weddings, and every special occasion in between, we’re here to sprinkle sweetness and spread smiles, one dessert at a time.
Core Values
Our recipe for success
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Learning
  • Synergy
Our Strengths
Where quality meets expertise with global flavors

Quality first

We insist on unwavering quality, using the finest ingredients and craftsmanship

In-house expertise

Every product, from bread to cakes, is made in-house by our team

Global ingredients

We source premium international ingredients for distinctive, authentic flavors
Our Team
Sharing the joy of baking with you

K Sathyanaraya Reddy


K Sandeep Reddy

Managing Director